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    President Wang Hualong(middle) and chief engineer Liu Yuejin(left) led a group of engineering and technical personnel and workers to learn foreign technology, to overcome various difficulties,and finally produced the first Chinese construction hoist in the 1980s.In 1996,they founded GUANGZHOU JING LONG ENG. MACHINERY CO., LTD. and in these years,they continuously improved and optimized the construction hoist,and brought forth the new through the old : from small cage to extra large cage,from hard start to soft start,from general hoist to frequency convertible hoist, load capacity from 2 tons to 30 tons.President and chief engineer led Jing Long to innovate continuously and set up one piece of monument after another for the development of the construction hoist industry over the past 20 years.At the same time,they also improved the product quality continuously to facilitate customers,and left a deep imprint for the mid and high-rise building construction in China.

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