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JING LONG ENG. MACHINERY (GROUP) CO., LTD. has research and development centers in Guangzhou, Xian, Tianjin, and Changsha now, there are more than 200 professional research and technical personnel in the centers,including senior research personnel 26 people,intermediate title R & D personnel 46 people,and more than 100 research technicians.We establish a cooperation mechanism with universities to deliver talents to enterprise regularly.

In the product development aspect,our company has made continuous progress and improvement in product quality and variety,not only keeping the original single and twin cage with counterweight or not, two motors, three motorsetc. series products,but also developing motor on the top of cage and large cage series hoist.The new product developed in 1997-SCP construction platform has been sold at home and abroad.The frequency convertible series construction hoist developed in 1998,with the maximum lifting speed of 96 m/ min,received all users praise and were rated as the leading domestic level by specialists,at the same time,received the National Science and Technology Progress Award.In the same year, we developed the SC20TD small construction and civil elevator and construction basket etc. new products.In 2001,our company developed the twin cage lean hoist, which has been tempered in the project of Jiangsu Runyang Bridge and got a high user evaluation.In 2002,we increased the cage size and use space again,and developed curve hoist and twin mast & large tonnage hoist,which were put on the market in 2003.The curve hoist has been used by Puqi Power Plant built by China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd.The twin mast & large tonnage hoist has been used by Hongkong Royal Furniture Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Banknote Printing Factory.The SCD320/32GS, SC320GZ, SC200/200GZ, SC270 /270GS, SCD200/200GS model construction hoist developed in 2004 received all customers praise after putting on the domestic and international market.In 2005,we developed the satellite positioning system, automatic landing system and cable slip-guide system,and then created a new type steel trolley in 2006.In 2007,we rolled out the modern industrial manufacture, the introduction and development of a new generations manufacturing technology and the large-scale use of industrial robots improved product quality and efficiency.In 2008,we promoted the new manufacturing technology such as automatic shape and detection device,to guarantee the product quality further.From 2009 to 2011,we devoted ourselves to the research and development of a new series of products: the world's fastest 120m/s hoist, maximum load of 30 tons hoist,electricity feedback hoist, battery hoist, sightseeing hoist and large lifting platform.In 2012,the new generation hoist appeared in Bauma China with more beautiful appearance,compacter structure and lighter weight.In 2013, adhering to the essence of Jing Longs innovation spirit,we improved the quality of product details,and in the development of new products, continued to invest vigorously and applied for new patents. Whats more,Tianjin Jing Long Eng. Machinery Co., Ltd. has been the patent pilot unit.

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